Presently we are engaged in the manufacturing of the following items :

1. Helical, cold formed compression & tension springs  up to 12mm  wire diameter.

2. Helical hot formed coil springs up to 50mm wire diameter.

3. Leaf springs & forms made from sheet & plates up to 10mm thickness.

4. Circlips, snap rings & retainer rings.

5. Belleville/disc washers up to 350mm diameter and 16mm thickness.

6. Axle springs for passanger cars.

7. Constant force & clock type springs.

8. Wire forms & torsion springs.

9. Clutch & friction plates.

10. “C” type and spiral dowel pin.

11. Spiral springs for window regulators & reclining seats.

Besides these we are capable of developing any items as per customers specification and drawings